Get Gastro-grilling
all summer long!

Get Gastro-grilling all summer long!

National BBQ’s Barbi Summer is here to help you be a Better BBQ’er!

It’s now nearly a month since the 23rd National BBQ Week ended and the weather since then has been awful It may be hot in Europe, but over here in the UK, it’s been dismal and really wet, hardly Barbi weather.

Still at last summer seems to have arrived and just in time for a sizzling Gastonbury. It was Hot on Friday and its even Hotter today as Saturday’s temperatures are set to soar past 35C, which has got to mean its Barbi time again!

So whether you’re a Gastro-griller, a Barbi-babe or somewhere in between National BBQ’s Barbi Summer will be here to help you find out everything you’ll ever need to know about Better BBQ’ing & Gastro Grilling right here!

BBQ Facts, Tips, Advice, Legends of the Grill and Recipes.

In fact, Everything you’ll ever need to know about BBQ is right here!

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Just like our 23rd National BBQ Week, National BBQ’s Barbi Summer is sponsored by these brilliant BBQ brands.

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Make sure you go for the grill, become a Better BBQ’er and get in some Gastro-grilling this summer.

August 31st, 2019